HFH is a concept of missions that has been in the making since 2009 as an extension of The Center in Harlingen, TX. Our desire is to build relationships throughout the RGV one family at a time while connecting them with a local congregation to continue the relationship. We feel this is a unique, healthy and dynamic mission approach that creates long term relationships that will open the door for God to work in the lives of the communities.

Mission Teams: HFH is a trip for your mission team to develop a great relationship with Jesus by being “Christ Like.” Serving others without looking for something in return is not the normal fleshly human response to a situation, yet that is just what Christ did for us and He died in His service for us. HFH seeks to provide Christian youth and adults with the opportunities to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others. This is an attitude of a servant and personal commitment experience for every participant to be a part of a practical way to witness to people that they have never met. God gives us a clear command to witness, however it seems the opportunity to share Jesus just never comes up. Through HFH you get to witness to people in a very non-confrontational way that reaches people where they are hurting the most.

Flexibility: We do not know your team and do not know the gifts you can bring to the area. HFH needs your teams to reach out to the area in various ways. We respect your leadership and focuses on helping you facilitate your vision. We want you to lead your team based on their gifts. While our goal is to reach the lost people in the RGV and grow the kingdom of God, we want to see your team experience God at an unprecedented level. We want to see the team grow in their day-to-day walk for a life filled with a missional attitude.

Local Church: At HFH we realize that you have to go back to your community after visiting ours. We will partner every team with a local church to set up a long term relationship that will continue after you return home. We want to see you come back year after year to continue your work with the church and the needs in their community. We will facilitate this relationship any way we can.


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