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Holy Presents was an incredible experience for me and my family. It is the first ministry that I have truly been able to have our entire family be a part of, from the earliest stages through the completion. It was a joy to have participate in something that we could pour our hearts into and put our hands to work in. Jamie, again thanks to you and your family for your vision and leadership there. May God continue to bless your efforts!

In Christ,
Chad Jenkins

"This ministry meets some basic needs for the children, but more importantly, we are able to plant the seed of the gospel. The gospel message was shared by a local pastor (Bro. Robert) , Bibles were given to every child present, and salvation bracelets and special gospel coloring books were included in most of the boxes. I was truly humbled to see how God was and is working through His people. It is an honor to be allowed the privilege to serve Christ who gave all for us!"

Amy Jenkins




Our church, Olmito Community Church, has been greatly blessed by our partnership with Valley Baptist Missions Education Center.   Recently, The Center facilitated collaboration between Monroe Street Baptist Church of Bogalusa, Louisiana and our church for a very successful Holy Presents project during our New Year's Block Party. The Bible that was included with each beautifully wrapped, age-appropriate shoebox gift was a very special treat.

Thanks to the Holy Presents and Bibles left to us, after the block party by Monroe Street Baptist Church and The Center staff, we've been able to give gifts and Bibles to children who weren't able to attend our January 1 st event. Such was the case last Sunday with two boys who attended Olmito Community Church for the first time. Both of the boys, a sixth grader and his fourth grade brother handled the new paperback Bible with great care during the worship service. They thought the Bibles had to be returned at the close of the service. Imagine their delight when we told them they could write their name in the Bibles because they were theirs to keep!

While many of us have a Bible in almost every room of the house and at least one in each family vehicle, this inexpensive copy of God's Word was a newfound treasure to each of the children.

Valley Baptist Missions Education Center is a valuable ministry partner as we continue our efforts to reach our community with the hope of Christ. We thank God for The Center.

Robert Cepeda

Olmito Community Church Planter/Pastor


While this is a new ministry for VBMEC the Campbell family has been involved in a similar
ministry for the past 6 years in Nuevo Laredo, and it has challenged the hearts of those
who have participated. The following is a testimony from Jannesa Campbell when she was 16.

Tomorrow we go back to what some, after seeing what we have today, would call civilization. Funny, but I don't feel like I deserve it.

Today we visited a small neighborhood outside of Nuevo Laredo . It was a dump. Not as in it was dirty, no it was a land fill that people live in. The homes were small and built with what could be found. The people were poor, I would say dirt poor but there was plenty of dirt there.

When we arrived we were all disappointed because it was windy which sent a little chill and with the wind was grit. The dirt got in our eyes, mouths, hair, everywhere! It was a coating over everything and we had trouble keeping it out of our eyes. We were uncomfortable in this place of "less than desirable conditions". Then the kids and their parents came.

No matter what a child will melt a heart . People tend to joke that I have a hard or no heart because I don't cry but a kid in hard times will touch anyone. Despite how uncomfortable things were we knew we were where we should have been. We were in the right place not because we were needed there but because God had placed us there. It wasn't about our feelings but about our Father and staying in his will. We were not on a "mission trip" we were answering a call to work, something deeper even than feelings of sympathy.

Just because we were working for God didn't mean it was a piece of cake though. It was chaotic, it was hard, and it was sad. Children were turned away and we had to do it. All I wanted to do was hug them and not let go, to take them all home and give them something so much better than what they had and I couldn't because I am unable to. I wanted to help and all I could do was hand them a shoebox of toys. A shoebox! That is what they get! We get new game stations, wardrobes, computers, cars, pets, and in general a ton of stuff and they get a shoebox!! Our tree is flooded with colorful boxes and they get a shoebox. I wonder how we can justify huge Christmas shopping if we don't do all we can to help these kids.

To us it is a foreign country and thus a different world completely. Poverty is what we have heard but not what we see. We go on cruises to beautiful Mexican port cities and see the gorgeous beaches but we don't see Mexico . We don't really see life beyond America .

If ever you get a chance to go somewhere outside of America , go! See what life really is. Don't trust just what you see, experience all that you can and be grateful for what you have. We have been given a gift of riches and we only want more. Why do we get this wealth? Why weren't we born in a place where you are either rich or poor and us be poor? Do we deserve what we have? Although that is a good question it is not the question we should dwell on. What we should ask is: what will we do with what has been given to us?

Jannesa Campbell

A ministry like this will impact your entire church and will draw together both the young and the
not so young for the glory of God. They might not see eye to eye on music or styles of worship, however they will be united in their efforts to serve in this mission.







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