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Getting Started!

Getting started has never been so easy. Many of you reading this are familiar with similar ministries
that take place all over the world, but you can now be a bigger part than ever before. We want your
church to bring a team to be part of the distribution. We simply can not do this without you!

1. Shoe Box - Use any regular size shoe box or a plastic shoe box container. You wrap it with the lid wrapped separately. As you wrap it think about the child that will get your gift and pray that God will touch their lives.

2. Who – What age and gender are you making your box for? Whether it is for a boy or girl the ages break down 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. Be sure to mark your box by printing out the tags from the website and indicating the age and gender.
Tape the tag in place on the lid and put a rubber band around your box filled with love.

3. What do I put in the Box – Fill the boxes with the age & gender appropriate gifts like Hot Wheels, dolls, balls, stuffed animals, yo-yos, jump rope, toys that make noise, small instruments, jacks and ball set, Slinky, coloring crayons, water colors, pencils with a sharpener, pens, markers, coloring books, toothbrush, tooth paste, hair brush, shampoo (tape the lid closed), soap, wash cloth, hard candy, sunglasses, hair accessories, hats, socks, t-shirt, a picture of your family, a Children’s illustrated Bible, etc.

4. What NOT to put in the Box – Chocolate or anything that will melt, toy guns, toy knives, army men, camo decorated or military toys, medications or vitamins, breakable items, toys that need batteries, matches or lighters, etc.

5. A Donation - Please include a donation in each box of $5.00 to help purchase the Illustrated Children’s Bible. Not every person will include these and we make sure every box has one. You can make your check to VBMEC and
make a memo “Holy Presents.”

6. Collection Sunday – Collection Sunday is always a great day when every box is brought in by every family, placed on the altar and prayed over by your entire church. This is a great time to commission the mission group that will be
coming to The Center from your church to be a part of the distribution.





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