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Where will you be this Christmas?

While it may seem like Christmas is a long time from now, it is really only a few weeks away. Will you be in a frenzy getting everything ready for the perfect meal or finding the gift for someone they just have to have? This is what picture you might typically think of when you are pondering Christmas. We know that it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but that somehow seems to be a second or third thought. Fact is many people forget the true reason for Christmas altogether. I know none of you would leave Jesus out of your Christmas, but are you willing to follow His commands to serve others during this time.



God’s word tells us we should go and share His plan of salvation with the world. This Christmas you have an opportunity to not merely give a gift to someone in need, but to receive a huge blessing by getting to actually see where they live and be able to hand them a gift that not only is filled with the fun things and needed items, but the word of life, a Bible. Just like the story in Luke 10 of the Good Samaritan we are called to help those in need. If we can reach people where they are hurting and needy, we can reach their hearts for the cause of Christ.



The Center is excited to announce a new ministry opportunity to serve in the Rio Grande Valley called Holy Presents. This is a shoe box ministry exactly like many other groups do in other countries. Perhaps your church already works with a shoe box ministry, but I challenge you to take it to the next level. Your church can participate by packing the boxes and sending them to The Center for distribution, then take it up a notch and bring your church to be a part of the distribution team. In December we will be visiting the Colonias of the Rio Grand Valley to give these gifts to the children who might not have any other gifts this Christmas. We realize that God commands us to always be givers, but our focus on Christmas is a time of giving and sacrifice on the part of every person who chooses to participate. We want to make it a church-wide, family event that will change the lives of everyone who is involved. Most of you reading this have never seen the living conditions that these kids are in and if you do then and only then will you realize how important this ministry is.

What is a Colonia?

Colonias are communities that lack some of the most basic living necessities, such as potable water and sewer systems, electricity, paved roads, drainage, and safe and sanitary housing. People that live in colonias are people of low-income and are among the most disadvantage population in the state of Texas. These people often lack a political voice and resources to improve the substandard living conditions they live in. Texas is home to more than 500,000 people who live in these poor conditions and more than 60% of these people are under the age of 18.  

The areas of the Rio Grande Valley are some of the lowest income areas in the Nation. The per capita income for the four county area is between $7,000.00 and $11,000.00 per year compaired to a Dallas county per capita of $22,603.00.

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