We realize not everyone can come to the RGV on a mission trip with HFH. Maybe it is an issue on time, cost, other commitments, or God is using you somewhere else. No matter what the reason you can still be a part of helping reach the people in the RGV for Christ. We have found that many people who can't participate on a trip still want to be a part of what God is doing through HFH. These ministry partners make it possible through their prayers and generosity to provide the materials needed to make the HFH ministry work. 100% of the materials are paid for by funds that have been donated. These donations are used only for this purpose and are not used for any administrative cost. When you make your donations to HFH you can rest assured that you will be directly benefitting a mission need.

You can also help by organizing a team to serve on the field. Different teams come for different types of outreach. You may be a team that wants to serve in a construction project, food distribution project, evangelical outreach, or church development. No matter what your team feels called to do, we can help facilitate the needs. The RGV is a big place with 1000's of places to serve, but we try to concentrate on the area within 30 minutes of Harlingen.

The Center is located in Harlingen. This is a safe, clean and comfortable place to refresh after a hard day in the mission field. We have facilities for sleeping, meals, meeting and recreational time in the evenings. We have been blessed to provide for mission teams and outreach from this location since the 1960's and plan to continue this mission emphasis into the future.

Here is your chance! HFH has made it easy to get involved in the ministry no matter where you are. You can help in several ways.

Pray- Ask God to lead you to a clear understanding of your level of involvement with HFH.
Discern-what you are being called to do.
* Help financially- by making a contribution you will help fund the materials used by the teams to repair homes and reach into the lives of families. You can make a onetime contribution or become a monthly supporter of Help for Homes.
* Help & Go- make a contribution and organize a team to experience a hands-on mission opportunity. Understand firsthand the needs in the RGV and see how your efforts in following Gods lead can change the hearts of these people.

Our goal is not to make a onetime flash in the pan but build a long term relationship with the areas of service. Below are three buttons that will help you take the next step with HFH. You can make a Onetime Contribution, Monthly Contribution, or Get In Touch to plan a trip for your team.


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