Missions Education Center






These rates are effective as of January 1, 2015

Daily Facility Rates

Chapel Rental $400.00 per event
Dorm Lodging/Motel
$60.00 per room up to 4 people/ $15.00 per additional person per night
Dining Hall
$300.00 per event/ Free with meals
Class Rooms (40 People)
$100.00 per room
Conference Room 1 (25 People)
$150.00 per day
Conference Room 2 (350 People)
$400.00 per day
RV Space
$20.00 per space
$6.50 Breakfast Lunch/$8.50 Dinner

Weekly Facility Rates

Chapel Rental with on grounds lodging $500.00 per week
Dorm Lodging/Motel with up to 5 nights up to 12 Meals
$159.00 per person
Dorm Lodging/Motel with up to 6 nights up to 15 Meals
$179.00 per person
Dorm Lodging/Motel with up to 7 nights up to 18 Meals
$199.00 per person
Conference Room 1 (25 People)
$250.00 w/lodging
Conference Room 2 (350 People)
$500.00 w/lodging
RV Space
$105.00 per space
Dining Hall
Included with meals
Class Room (40 People)
$120.00 w/lodging

These rates are for only the stated service and do not include any all inclusive projects.

If we are planning your project a $25.00 per person coordination fee will be charged. This is to cover the cost of hours and miles to pull together a great mission experience for your team.

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