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Mission Residents Hall

New $1.1 million MRH Project Opened in 2014

No matter what size group you need to house The Center's, Mission Residents Hall (MRH) 2012 is sure to please. The MRH has 26 rooms that can house up to 8 persons. The total capacity of the building is 208 people. This building was completed in June 2013. In addition to the resident rooms the MRH has a 4,000 sq foot recreation/meeting space and a 600 sq. foot leisure room. Each room has its own air conditioner and private bathroom with shower facilities.

This building was built with mission and retreat groups in mind. Full insulation between rooms keep the noise down to assure a great night of rest. Each room is independently air conditioned for individualized temperature comfort. The MRH has 2 fully ADA approved rooms for those who might need it.

First Responder Ready!
For Texas Baptist Men and other Disaster Relief Organizations, the facilities are already recognized as the regions best staging area for local, state and national teams.


The leasure room is a great place to relax and unwind after a day of activities. It also serves as a planning room over coffee for the day.


The recreation room has pool table, ping-pong, foosball, air hockey and shuffleboard tables. This can also serve as a gathering place for meetings.

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