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Welcome to Child Protection Training

At The Center we are dedicated to the security of every guest. This is why anyone over the age of 18 is required to complete an approved Child Protection Training course and provide us with a copy of the certificate.

The following videos and course work will lead you through this training. It is up to each group leader to ensure this is completed in the proper order since you are the proctor of this course. Start by dowloading the CPT Training Manual. It should only take about fourty-five minutes to complete the entire course. After you download the manual, start with the first video.

Video One

Video Two

Video Three


Video Four


Now that you have finished the videos, download the test and print a copy for each person required to take the course. TEST Download

After you finish the test you can grade it and discuss any questions that were answered incorrectly. TEST KEY

After everyone has successfully completed the course, print and fill out the Certificate of Completion. You can then send a copy of the Certificate to The Center by mail or scan and email to VBMECFO@GMAIL.COM . In addition to the certificate of completion we will also need a copy of the background check for each person over 18 years old. If you have not done a background check for your team members, there are several websites that offer this service. We use www.criminalwatchdog.com for our staff and do the national search at a cost of $18.95.

Getting these steps done prior to arrival will save time at check-in and actively show all team members your churche's commitment to safety and the significance of undertaking any large or small group venture.






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