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Our Mission
To know Christ - To make Him known as

The Center, located in deep South Texas, in an area just west of the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico bordered by the Nueces River to the north and the rolling Rio Grande to the south. This area has become one of the great crossroads of the world uniquely centered between two literal halves of the Western Hemisphere.

The Center is poised to serve the Christian community with our missions training and housing facilities. The Center has been a part of Baptist missions training since 1947. Educating and inspiring hundreds of young men and women for service was the original mission of this institution and that message is the same today. The opportunity at the
center could not be brighter. New leadership has developed mission programs and learning opportunities for all age groups. As the world crushes into our borders, "going into all the world" has never been easier in deep South Texas. Nearly 2 million people inhabit this geographical area and that number grows daily.

Our Purpose
•To prepare leadership for congregations in Texas.
•To provide a quality education and missions experience to students and participants
within a disciplined Christian atmosphere to maximize opportunities to enjoy the fruit
of successful Christian lives.

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